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I’d planned to photograph the necklaces I mentioned in episode 2 of my podcast once my mannequin arrived, however it is still not here and I am keen to get some photos up.  So check out the gallery below – apologies for the ropey photography.  As you can see the necklaces are really simple, just some nice colour combinations and matching cotton thread.  You can see the knotting better on the close up picture.

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A Few Minor Podcast/RSS Problems

I’ve had a morning of technical issues with podcast episodes going missing on iTunes and all sorts of things. Fear not, they will return to iTunes, it is a temporary glitch. If you are subscribed you will have no problems.

To combat the issues I have set up a separate RSS feed for the podcast only, so if you subscribe through an RSS feed reader and just want the podcast, this may be of interest. The feed is:  If you are interested in the whole blog though, stick to your previous feed.

Anyway I think we should be ok now – thanks to ‘Roger’ from the Apple podcast help forum for pointing me in the right direction.

All this talk of feeds is making me quite hungry!  There is a French Market coming to Guernsey today so I feel french bread and cheese coming on…

Oooooh Buttons!

I just had to blog about my new iMake buttons.  They have been made by Etsy seller Remember Wynn (based in Nashville, Tennessee).  To check out her shop click here.  Angie, who runs the shop, specialises in labeling for handmade products, so she makes things like tags made out of wood and faux suede.  I have ordered from her before and she provides a brilliant service, her products are well priced and great quality.

The buttons I have ordered will be tied on to my hand knitted garments.  I’d rather tie something on that stitch in a label as this can sometimes irritate the wearer.  The buttons are so cute that I am sure people will keep them to remember where their handmade item came from.  Enjoy…

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Guernsey ‘Does Handmade’ at North Show

I braved the miserable wet weather and paid a visit to the North Show today.

The North Show is one of Guernsey’s annual summer shows and it showcases the best of the island’s horticultural and agricultural produce, as well as hosting the Battle of Flowers.  These days, due to health and safety restrictions (!) there isn’t technically any ‘battling’ done at the battle.  It is actually a competition – people enter by creating floats decorated with flowers (some paper, some real) and they parade them for judging at the ‘battle’.

It was really good looking at the floats today, but it isn’t just about the battle.  There is a fur and feather tent and also lots of classes people can enter to showcase their creative skills, such as knitting, card making, scrapbooking, flower arranging and much more.  There are some great children’s classes too – they can make all sorts of things such as a garden on a plate, an edible necklace or an animal out of fruit and vegetables.  I used to enter these classes as a child so it brought back fond memories.

I got chatting to a couple of chaps, Richard and Jan, who are on something of a mission to preserve our local language, Giernesiais (Guernsey French).  They gave me some leaflets and a CD to find out more so I am sure a little Guernsey French will creep into one of my next podcasts!

Unfortunately the weather was pretty awful for the event but it didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits.

Anyway, here are a couple of photos of my favourite exhibits.  The rest of the pictures can be found on the iMake Facebook page.  Enjoy.

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Episode 2 – Cards and Cake

Welcome to the second iMake podcast.  In this episode we indulge in some creative crafty chatter about cards and cake and other things that do not necessarily begin with the letter C!

I initially thought that this would be a monthly podcast, but I have had such lovely feedback from listeners, and I enjoyed creating episode one so much, that it may end up being released fortnightly.  So watch this space…

As ever please feel free to drop me a line with feedback or just to say ‘hello’.  Don’t forget to tell me where you are listening from as podcasting from a really tiny island in the middle of the English Channel makes you sometimes forget about the big wide world out there.

Here are all the ways you can find me:

So without further ado, I present episode 2.  Please click the link below to listen online or listen via iTunes.

Episode 2 Cards and Cake

Show Notes

Here are the show notes.  They are all links so if you click on each line it should take you to an external website in a new window.

Stolen Moments Wrap by iMake

Baktus by iMake

Yarns from the Plain


Craig Shergold story

Eco Craft shop

iMake Folksy shop

The English Stamp Company

Guernsey gache recipe

Gache Melee recipe

Thanks for listening.  I hope you’ll tune in for episode 3 :0)

Podcast Episode 2 – Coming Soon

I have had a fabulous response to episode one of the iMake podcast.  It turns out I actually have some listeners!  After just one episode I am quite stunned that so many people have subscribed. I am really chuffed to bits.  As such, I am actually working on episode 2 now.  Originally I thought this was going to be a monthly podcast, but it turns out I have LOTS to say and actually we may end up going fortnightly… let’s see how it goes.  Anyway, I’ve put a rough script together and have a recording day planned tomorrow, so (taking into account editing and technical problems) episode 2 should be with you very shortly.  Watch this space!

Huge thanks to everyone who tuned in to episode one – particularly those who sent me some feedback.  It is really appreciated :0)

#stashbustarmy update 2

Now I have started knitting I had a slight change of heart on one of the projects.  Rather than use my 2 skeins of Noro Silk Garden Sock for a Boneyard Shawl, I have opted for Mara.  There is nothing wrong with Boneyard Shawl, I just felt that Mara was a little more feminine.

I have also started my Stolen Moments Wrap.  I must admit it looks lovely in the cream Rowan Cocoon (colourway name is Frost).  I’d forgotten how much I enjoy knitting with Rowan Cocoon.

Finally I finished my Pashmina Cowl – I was way too big and baggy.  The 100% silk was too heavy for the project when it was knitted up so it has stretched a little.  I feel frogging coming on…   Ravelry has been updated accordingly.

In other exciting news, I have ordered a mannequin to display my knitted items (and jewellery etc) when I photograph them.  Very exciting!  I think that is all from me for now.  Today is a jewellery making day so watch this space for pictures.

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