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Episode 4 – Stitch n’ Bitch Snippets

Episode 4 already.  Time flies when you are having fun. This is really just an experimental mini episode. I took the voice recorder (my iPad) to the iMake Stitch n Bitch at The Market Kitchen last week and recorded some interviews.  I must state at this stage that I am no Michael Parkinson or Jonathan Ross, my interviewing skills are severely lacking.  I also didn’t realise quite how frequently I say the words ‘actually’ and ‘fantastic’.  I promise that I will get better – practice makes perfect (or so they say).

There will actually (love that word) be another iMake podcast episode going live over the weekend.  It will be all about the fantastic (another great word) Scrapagogo workshop I attended this weekend.  Please tune in for that one.

So without further ado, here’s episode 4 (click on the link below to listen online).

Episode 4 – Stitch n Bitch Snippets

Show notes

These were the websites mentioned in episode 4.  If I have forgotten anything, please let me know.

Caro’s website

Bex’s Facebook page (Kawaiitude) and Folksy shop

Scrapagogo website

Finally it is lovely to hear from listeners, feel free to email me on or click on any of the social networking icons on the right hand side of this blog.


Stitch n’ Bitch at The Market Kitchen

I have just returned from a lovely evening at the iMake Stitch n’ Bitch.  We normally gather at a local gallery (fabulous place, The Gallery, check it out) but this time, for a change, we met at The Market Kitchen.

The Market Kitchen is a really lovely restaurant/bar/bistro in the heart of St Peter Port.  Unfortunately it is quite new so there is no website yet, but I will post a link when they get online.

Around 20 or so ladies gathered tonight and there was a really wide variety of crafts going on.  I was particularly pleased to see some non ‘stitch’ crafts happening.  I love the idea that Stitch n’ Bitch encompasses any craft!  We had some jewellery making and a lady making flowers out of willow, as well as the more traditional knitting, crochet and embroidery.

There were several highlights through out the evening.  Firstly the food…  We thought we’d try some tappas with our craft.  I was a bit worried that this could go horribly wrong, however it worked out brilliantly.  It was a ‘£10 for 5 tappas’ deal and the food was wonderful.  I worked surprisingly well and nobody spilled food (or gin and tonic) on their masterpiece.  We also had a local press photographer turn up and take our photograph.  Hopefully they’ll give my podcast a bit of a plug in the article.  Something that made me smile this evening was a few of the ladies came up with the slogan ‘if you can knit and purl you can do just about anything’.  Initially they were just talking about knitting patterns but then started applying it to life in general and I thought that was really quite cool!

So a good time was had by all.  I recorded a couple of interviews on my iPad which seem to have come out quite well, so they will be featured in my next podcast.

That’s all from me for now.  I’ll leave you with a little photo of our gathering…

Comfort Knitting

I posted a tweet a couple of days ago along the lines of ‘full of cold, settling down to some comfort knitting’.  A friend picked up on this and commented on how he liked the idea of ‘comfort knitting’.

This got me thinking!  Am I the only knitter out there who actually ‘comfort’ knits?  If I am feeling a bit blue (or ill, as was the case this time) I can generally make myself feel a bit better by curling up on the sofa (with a duvet if I am really poorly!) and knitting.  I’ll usually watch some TV or a movie or listen to a podcast or two…  I can honestly say it cheers me up no end.  It helps if I am knitting something simple on big needles, in lovely (often) chunky, luxurious yarn.  Something lacy on tiny needles would stress me out.

Another good thing about comfort knitting is that it is not very easy to comfort eat at the same time because your hands are busy!  Bonus!

Anyway if anyone feels the need to do a little comfort knitting I have suggested some patterns on Ravelry below.  These are links to projects I have completed but it is easy to find your way back to the source pattern by just clicking on its name at the top.  Enjoy!

Unshaped Shrug by Just Call Me Ruby

Stolen Moments Wrap by Amy Swenson

Basic Cabled Scarf by Haley Waxburg

Button Down Wrap by Terry Epstein

Baby Jumper: Done

I am just flying through my knitting WIPs like a proper Stash Bust Army soldier.  As I mentioned on the podcast, baby Joseph (nephew) was born yesterday and, proving that I work best under pressure, I finished his baby jumper today.  I am quite happy now that the purple is not too girly.

This was Erika Knight’s Classic Cashmere Sweater, which I knitted in Baby Bamboo (Sirdar).  It has turned out ok.  Not the most exciting of patterns though… I think I would have preferred something with a cable in or a a v-neck… or something a bit more exciting to knit.  Nevertheless it is very cute.  Enjoy…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Episode 3 – Learn Something New

Episode 3 of the iMake podcast introduces you to hand-stamped jewellery making.  It also includes a Guernsey French lesson, so go on, learn something new… you know you want to!

So without further ado, here’s episode 3 (click on the link below to listen online).

Episode 3 – Learn Something New

Show Notes

I promised to post a photograph of one of the first items of hand-stamped jewellery that I made.  So here it is…

As normal, the links below were mentioned in this podcast episode.  If you click on any of them you will be taken to an external website in a new window.

iMake’s Baktus project on Ravelry

Sockhead pattern on Ravelry

iMake’s Fiesta shawl project on Ravelry



Link to ‘Stamped Metal Jewelry’ book on Amazon

Romazone’s Etsy Shop

Romazone’s You Tube Channel

Guernsey French information (BBC website)

Finally it is lovely to hear from listeners, feel free to email me on or click on any of the social networking icons on the right hand side of this blog.

A Little Teaser…

I am really looking forward to recording the podcast tomorrow.  I suspect it might be a little longer than previous podcasts as I have rather a lot to cover.  Unless things change dramatically between now and tomorrow my plan is to talk about hand-stamping metal as my main topic.  It is a craft that I am just getting into and it is really fun.  I have a book called ‘Stamped Metal Jewelry’ by Lisa Niven Kelly to review – it is a great book, one of the best resources on hand-stamped jewellery that I have ever seen.  I am also going to attempt to teach my listeners some Guernsey French in the Guernsey segment.  Added to that there will be the usual crafty chatter about my recent creative exploits and much, much more.

The podcast should be up by close of play Sunday so please tune in.  Have a great weekend everyone.

Baktus: Done

One of my #stashbustarmy projects is complete!  I have posted a few photographs below.

I am still struggling with photographing my handmade items – I just cannot seem to get the light as I want it and they just aren’t quite looking how I want them to.  Is there anyone out there who could offer me some advice on my photography or point me in the right direction to some resources that could help?!  Thanks in advance.

For those of you not familiar with Baktus it is possibly the easiest pattern in the world (aside from a straight garter stitch scarf) as it is just a shallow triangle.  You weigh your skein of yarn and knit half of the triangle, starting with a few stitches and increasing every 4 rows, stopping when you have exactly half of the yarn left.  You then start decreasing to knit the other half of the triangle.  Simple, but really effective when you use a beautiful yarn.  Perfect ‘TV knitting’.

So without further ado, I give you Baktus in Noro Silk Garden Sock…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PS The iMake button (made by Remember Wynn) is supposed to be a label.  It is just tied on so can be removed by the wearer.  I am not keen on the labels you sew in to garments as I find they irritate me.

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