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Episode 10 – Teaching and Craft

Welcome to episode 10 of the iMake podcast.  This episode includes a run down of my Christmas making, specifically my Christmas knitting projects.  I also talk about my journey into teaching, in particular, craft teaching.  Finally there are some new crafty websites to check out and a short introduction to the Guernsey ormer.  I hope you enjoy it.

So without further ado, here is the podcast: Episode 10 – Teaching and Craft

Show notes

Making Magazine

Mitten Cuffs (Ravelry link)

Cerus Scarf (Ravelry link)

Irish Hiking Hat (Ravelry link)

Pasha (Ravelry link)

Jogless stripes video 1

Jogless stripes video 2

Hand-stamped key rings

UK Handmade Crafts Directory

One Pretty Thing

Ormer Casserole

As many ormers as possible
A strip or two of belly pork
2-3 carrots
2-3 shallots
Guernsey butter

  1. Soak ormers in cold fresh water for 30 minutes.
  2. Shell the ormers.
  3. Scrub off the black parts.
  4. Beat the centre of the ormer with a mallet.
  5. Flour the ormers and brown in a frying pan with the Guernsey butter and a little oil.
  6. Place the ormers in a casserole dish with the cubes of belly pork, sliced carrots, bay leaf and season with salt and pepper.
  7. Place in pre-heated oven at 160/170 °c for two hours.

Turn down the oven and allow the casserole to simmer until cooked.

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2 Christmas Knitting Projects: Done

I have been knitting like a thing possessed this weekend.

Christopher hat for hubby is done:

Christopher hat (one side)

Christopher hat (the other side)

It wasn’t really an inspiring knit.  It was very straight forward – almost too straight forward because I am sure I made mistakes on the crown shaping for the second hat (it is basically a reversible hat: 2 hats knitted from the top of one hat to the top of the other then one fits inside the other… if you know what I mean!)  Nevertheless hubby is happy.  He chose the colours and really likes it.

I also completed another pair of Mitten Cuffs from mum:

Mitten Cuffs

This time I left out the button hole so you cannot turn the cuffs back and wear them as shorter mitts.  I prefer them this way.

More knitting to come, but for the rest of today, I need to focus on the podcast!

Christmas Present Wrapping

Honestly, I find it a bit of a chore.  Even with the best intentions, my gifts never look like this…

Pretty Parcels by Shimelle Lane via Flickr

So this year, keeping with my themes of handmade and recycling, I have wrapped everyone’s Christmas presents in old magazines.  I have tried to match the magazine paper to the person.  For example my friend Kate is a keen knitter so I have wrapped her gift in a knitting pattern.  My friend Nicky is a keen sportswoman so I have wrapped her gift in sports advert. I have also used the Christmas cards I received last year as gift tags.

They don’t exactly look picture perfect like the photograph above, but they are fun!  Here are some photos…

This is a bag made of newspaper – actually I didn’t make this.  I use these bags for my handmade gifts (when I sell them).  They are made by homeless children in India:


Newspaper bag

Here is a gift wrapped in ‘Hello’ magazine:

'Hello' wrapping


This is a gift wrapped in ‘how to knit’ instructions and pictures, and you can also see a gift tag I made from an old Christmas card:

'How to knit' wrapping

And finally these gifts are for a ‘foodie’ so wrapped in the Marks and Spencer Christmas food catalogue:

Foodie wrapping


Wrapping presents like this actually made it a little more fun!

Christmas Knitting Countdown

Countdown by Jenny Downing

Right… this is my last post of today.  I am just trying to get focused on that Christmas knitting.

This is what I have left to knit before 25 December 2010:

There is just over a month to go.  Will I make it?  I plan to post regular knitting progress here between now and the big day.  I could do with some sort of count down clock on the blog…

Hand Stamped Key Rings

The Christmas present factory at ‘Chez iMake’ continues churning out gifts…

You may remember from a while back, I was struggling to find suitable handmade gift ideas for men.  I have settled on sterling silver key rings.  I have made 3 today.

Thankfully I don’t think the men of the family read my blog, but Simon, Alan and Richard, if you are reading this, please look away now!

This is Alan’s key ring (step-father).  Everything is sterling silver apart from the brass circle at the back.  I think this one might be my favourite piece.

Of course, I have packaged each item up in an iMake box…

Here is Richard’s key ring (father-in-law).  This is sterling silver and copper.

Finally, here’s hubby’s key ring (sterling silver, brass and copper).

They are all wonky and imperfect – and I think they are better for it.  They are handmade after all!

Hot Water Bottle Cover: Done

I’ve finished the hot water bottle cover.  This is a project I started in my sewing course on Thursday.  It is destined to be a Christmas present for hubby’s Gran (I am not sure who else in the family would use a hot water bottle, so I made it with her in mind).  What you cannot quite see from the photos below is the fact that it is lined with red and white spotty material.  No one will ever see the lining, but I know it’s there!  Also my quilting isn’t very straight but hey, it’s my first attempt at quilting!

What I have learned from the project is that I need to slow down with my sewing to try and be a little more accurate…  Apart from the fact the quilting was good fun and looked cool, I also enjoyed making my own binding for the straight edges (striped bit below).  It was really simple and a nice effect.

Hand Stamped Cards for The Gallery

I’ve been asked to create some simple hand stamped Christmas cards for a local art gallery – The Gallery.  Originally I was asked to try and incorporate The Gallery logo (as Gen, the owner, has had a stamp made up).  Unfortunately the stamp wasn’t fantastic quality so didn’t leave a great print.  So I agreed with Gen to use it mainly on the back of the cards.  Happily I got a few clean prints so I’ve been able to use it on the front of some of the cards.

I’ve printed 50 cards.  The designs are very simple (I’m a ‘less is more’ sort of a girl and I think Gen is too).  But I think they look quite nice on the simple recycled cards I’ve used. I hope Gen likes them.

Here is a slide show of all the designs, as well as my packaging.

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Handmade Christmas Cards for The Gallery, posted with vodpod

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