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Janome Love

I just had to post a picture of the first thing I made on my beautiful, brand new Janome sewing machine.  It is a mini laundry bag for the socks that I am going to knit (nothing like being prepared – I have not yet completed one sock!)  They idea is that they don’t get mixed in with the normal washing.  It is not the best sewing I have done, but the fabric is fab and the machine was a joy to use.  Enjoy…


Hot Water Bottle Cover: Done

I’ve finished the hot water bottle cover.  This is a project I started in my sewing course on Thursday.  It is destined to be a Christmas present for hubby’s Gran (I am not sure who else in the family would use a hot water bottle, so I made it with her in mind).  What you cannot quite see from the photos below is the fact that it is lined with red and white spotty material.  No one will ever see the lining, but I know it’s there!  Also my quilting isn’t very straight but hey, it’s my first attempt at quilting!

What I have learned from the project is that I need to slow down with my sewing to try and be a little more accurate…  Apart from the fact the quilting was good fun and looked cool, I also enjoyed making my own binding for the straight edges (striped bit below).  It was really simple and a nice effect.

Sewing Course Progress

I have just posted some photos on Flickr of things I have made recently on my beginners sewing class. So far we have made a cushion (my first zip – very exciting), a bag and a door stop. I have managed all of this without breaking my sewing machine once. Not bad for a beginner! Check it out…

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Sewing Course, posted with vodpod

Episode 8 – Guernseys Galore

In this episode you will learn some fascinating facts about the Guernsey knitting trade.  For example, did you know that Mary Queen of Scots was wearing white stockings, knitted in Guernsey, on the day she was executed?  Also it is (apparently) illegal for men to knit during daylight hours in Sark!  Find this, along with the usual crafty banter, in this episode of the iMake podcast.

So without further ado, here is episode 8.  Click the following link to listen online and check out the show notes below.

Episode 8 – Guernseys Galore

Show notes

iMake Ravelry group

Jane Richmond Mitten Cuffs

Cath Kidston’s book ‘Sew’

Craftypod podcast

Craftsanity podcast

Craftcast podcast

Cucumber Patch

The Gallery (Gen’s website)

Lovelypop (Hannah’s website)

Guernseys on Wikipedia

Guernsey Knitwear

Knitting research – thanks to my friends and the staff of the Priaulx library for helping me research this topic.  I used the following publications to help me with my essay:

  • Quarterly Review of the Guernsey Society (Autumn 1959)
  • What is a Guernsey? (AE Burr)
  • Guernsey Folklore (Macculloch)
  • Guernsey Press (8 July 1977)

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Episode 6 – Making

Welcome to episode 6 of the iMake podcast.  In this episode we will drool over a brand spanking new craft magazine, learn about the Guernsey pound and hear about iMake’s recent creative exploits (of which there are many!)  So pour yourself a glass of red wine, grab your current work in progress, and let’s indulge in some crafty chatter.

Click the link below to listen online:

Episode 6 – Making

Show notes

Here are the websites mentioned in the show:

Finally it is lovely to hear from listeners, feel free to email me on or click on any of the social networking icons on the right hand side of this blog.

Cats Love Craft

Here’s the proof…

I was laying out some denim to cut for cushion making and Mia the cat just had to get involved!

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Handmade Cushion

I have started the sewing course I mentioned in one of my recent podcasts and it is going well.  Tonight I made a cushion cover using some old Cath Kidston fabric I had lying around.  I am really quite proud that I can sew a zip now!  Please excuse the dark photos – it is night time and the light in my house is not good.  Here are a couple of pictures with ‘extreme close ups’ of the zip!  Excuse the wiggly sewing lines…

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