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Gift and Product Packaging

If you follow me on Pinterest you will know that I love quirky packaging and wrapping.  Even if you aren’t on Pinterest you can check out my ‘Packaging and Wrapping’ board here to get an idea of what I mean.

This Christmas my sister-in-law gave me some handmade goodies for Christmas (hooray – ironically I don’t seem to receive many handmade gifts!)  She gave me jam, biscuits and some spice rubs, and they were all wrapped up in cellophane.  They looked fab.  Inspired, I went out yesterday to buy some cellophane and started wrapping my handmade candles.  Now I know florists have been doing this for years so I am not claiming to have found out anything new, but I was so excited with the results I had to post some pictures.

This is the finished unwrapped candle.  I made these a few days ago using pots that used to contain a Marks and Spencer pudding!   I know the button is a little bit of ‘iMake overkill’ – I’ll replace them with plain wooden buttons later I think.  The candles are scented with a blend of essential oils called Summer Rain:

This is the wrapped version, complete with mini card from Moo:

Here is a wrapped tea cup candle:


Christmas Present Wrapping

Honestly, I find it a bit of a chore.  Even with the best intentions, my gifts never look like this…

Pretty Parcels by Shimelle Lane via Flickr

So this year, keeping with my themes of handmade and recycling, I have wrapped everyone’s Christmas presents in old magazines.  I have tried to match the magazine paper to the person.  For example my friend Kate is a keen knitter so I have wrapped her gift in a knitting pattern.  My friend Nicky is a keen sportswoman so I have wrapped her gift in sports advert. I have also used the Christmas cards I received last year as gift tags.

They don’t exactly look picture perfect like the photograph above, but they are fun!  Here are some photos…

This is a bag made of newspaper – actually I didn’t make this.  I use these bags for my handmade gifts (when I sell them).  They are made by homeless children in India:


Newspaper bag

Here is a gift wrapped in ‘Hello’ magazine:

'Hello' wrapping


This is a gift wrapped in ‘how to knit’ instructions and pictures, and you can also see a gift tag I made from an old Christmas card:

'How to knit' wrapping

And finally these gifts are for a ‘foodie’ so wrapped in the Marks and Spencer Christmas food catalogue:

Foodie wrapping


Wrapping presents like this actually made it a little more fun!

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